27 July 2011

 the best bird
 neck relief
make it personal
 go all out... baby deserves the best!
 oh the girls
 the girly girls.
baby animals

22 March 2011

Hiatus Over!

Just because I'm not a great Blogger doesn't me I'm not still here and busy as ever!
Here are a few things that have been going on in the studio over the winter months:

I'll be back soon with a warm welcome to a highly anticipated 

15 October 2010

coming to terms

Well it's official.  Summer is gone for now and i'm cold.  I most likely won't warm-up again until mid April.  Sounds horrible, doesn't it? And to think the high tomorrow is 84!  What will I sound like in January?  eeeish.
Until then let's enjoy clothing, layering, accessorizing and of course agonizing over Halloween Costumes!
eeeish again.
In an effort to warm-up 

you first start with a 'babycake'.
a rice filled little friend that can be warmed up in the microwave for lasting, soothing comfort.

the babycake is the younger (smaller) sibling to the adored 'ricecake'.

then you up-style your coffee cup while warming those chili digits.

now that you're caffeinated, head into the kitchen & bake something! Nothing warms the heart & soul like an oven pre-heated to 375.

Bake something sweet & yummy,

but eewie, tie your hair up first, please!
You'd better head out for a little exercise after all that eating.  Don't worry, the more you get moving the quicker you'll warm-up.

after all of that, pretty yourself up with clothing & accessories.  Wear tights, grab a sweater &

, you're done!

16 August 2010

- this can't possibly be the end of summer -

say it ain't so.  back to school already?
Does this mean that the Winter will be upon us?
I suppose the fact that it's 94 degrees out at the moment means I'm jumping the gun a bit with this fear of winter looming, but it really is.
School has been back in for 4 days now and I'm having some real transitions issues.
For starters it's so quiet around here.  You'd think I'd be in heaven as well as getting a lot done.
Not so much.
'sweet' things continue to be made in the busy sewing studio

and it'll be nice to have the young energy of interns back in action

but I will miss summer. a lot.

I guess it's time to think about fleece and wool instead of linen and seersucker for a while.
Must. Embrace. 

16 July 2010

today is a good day.
enjoy it and the people you're with.
send a whole bunch of love to the people you're not with.

and smile, crabcakes loves you

10 July 2010

we sported our red, white and blue for the big day.
Captain America is hiding out behind us, all you can see of the little guy are his skull shoes and not his festive tee I spent hours on (well, really just minutes, but c'mon).
The polka-dot-girl has been wearing that dress since her very 1st 4th of july and each year it receives an addition/alteration in order to grow with her. This year the addition was made to the back side.
Oh, and here's my little Captain.